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Have you seen our latest YouTube video?

On June 3rd the Northern CA Breathmobile began visiting another new school: Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary school in West Oakland. We had a fantastic day at MLK Jr. and even got to interview the Principal,  Ms. Roma Groves. We got to meet new families and had the opportunity to clarify a lot of misconceptions about asthma. We could feel that our presence brought a lot of excitement and hope for the future for MLK Jr., a school  whose attendance is severely affected by the asthma disease. Some children have missed dozens of schooldays because of their asthma flair-ups.

Here is the video for you BreatheEasy readers!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Since it was all first time patients, we spent an hour or more with each patient and their families. We had to do a lot of teaching and re-teaching- asthma education is after all the most powerful way to alleviate the asthma crisis that is in the East Bay Area. Dr. Marbin, Nurse Spencer,Patient Services Rep James, and Medical Assitant Lisa- all spent individual time with each patient carefully explaning medicine plans, how to use their asthma devices correctly, translating asthma action plans and medicine uses in Spanish, and sometimes just sharing a chuckle.

We got some great photos from our first day at MLK Jr. Elementary. Take a look and see!

Dr. Marbin explaining asthma control to a young patient.


James, Patient Services Rep, explaining asthma treatment to a father in Spanish.

Martin Luther King Jr. student taking the pulmonary function test.


Nurse Spencer with a young patient.


We make doctor visits fun!


Nurse Spencer going over an asthma action plan with a parent.


We love our new MLK Jr. Elementary patients!


We hope your summer is going well so far BreatheEasy readers. Remember that asthmatic children can have just as much fun running around and playing with their friends, like other children;but, the heat, pollen, and physical exertion can get to an asthmatic child. That is why it is so important to make sure you  follow your asthma action plans exactly as your doctor has written them, and that you constantly reinforce healthy asthma management practices to your children.

Have a great day BreatheEasy folks…and please recommend this post AND the YouTube video to your friends, family, and co-workers- we NEED more views. Let’s make it happen!

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    Gee wllikiers, that’s such a great post!


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    Have you seen our latest YouTube video? http://t.co/FkyaSkt via @ncabreathmobile

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